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\begin \title \page Calculus I at San Francisco State (California State System), now in its 11th year, is an online course which open to all students with sufficient background in algebra, notions of functions, and in elementary trigonometry.

We welcome students from domestic or international universities as well as professionals who are preparing for graduate schools.

Calculus I covers: Limits, Continuity, Asymptotes, The tangent problem, Rates of Change, Derivatives (including trigonometric and transcendental derivatives), Graphs, and their shapes, Optimizations, Riemann Sums, Integrals including two parts of the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.

\expand \expand \emph \href \page In the past students competing for admission to top medical schools or MBA programs, requested letters of recommendation.

(Caclulus I is a four unit course.) Students will have access to the learning environment which includes an active moderated student-staff forum. Goetz will make available his most recent (a) high definition downloadable and streamable video lectures [the videos play on smart phones, ipads, laptops] (b) interactive lecture notes at no additional cost.

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